Sam Reece has spent a tough couple of weeks watching the girl he loves flirt with and kiss male model Jeremy McConnell in the Big Brother house…

Many people have been sympathetic towards Sam, who has withdrawn his social media support for his girlfriend.

Now, a friend of Sam has said he is completely devastated with how things are turning out.

Sam has been forced to watch and hear about Stephanie flirting with Jeremy. In a recent episode, it was revealed Stephanie had kissed Jeremy under the blanket covers. Housemates have begun to turn against Stephanie, saying what she is doing is wrong.

An insider said:

Sam’s very upset. He’s heartbroken and devastated. He can’t quite believe what he’s been watching on Celebrity Big Brother. He didn’t expect in a million years to see what’s been happening with Stephanie. When he said goodbye to her going into the house, he thought this was just going to be a wonderful experience for her, but he’s just really shocked now.


Stephanie faced the public vote on Friday, and whilst her dad was there Sam did not show up to support her. Instead, he went out on the town with his friends.

And many people were led to believe that Sam had dumped Stephanie publicly online, but a source was quick to deny these claims, and insist that Stephanie and Sam’s relationship is too strong to be ruined by something like this.

Steph and Sam are one of the strongest couples going. It would take far more than this for them to split up. Their relationship is so strong and they trust each other implicitly, it is hard with Stephanie being away but Sam is waiting for her when she comes out.

It comes after rumours have heated up suggesting Sam is entering the Big Brother house tonight.

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