As the days go on, Stephanie gets ever so closer to Jeremy McConnell, and humiliates her boyfriend, Sam Reece…

And in last nights episode, the pair were seen entering the store room together. Both intoxicated, Stephanie runs to the nearby camera and puts her hand over the lens, so all that can be seen is black. However, we do hear the sounds of kissing.

In tonights episode, things are set to get even more bizzare!

The conversation between the pair turns to marriage! 

Stephanie says to Jeremy, ‘Are you gonna marry me?’

And Jeremy replies, ‘Say it and I’ll marry you.’

Stephanie says, ‘Are you going to marry me? Are you gonna put a ring on it?’

Jeremy laughs and replies, ‘No… but you know your parents would love me… You are just an absolute tease. That is all you are.’


Later in the night, Jeremy leaves Stephanie’s bed, and she gets annoyed, as she says she ‘needs him tonight’.

There are rumours that Sam Reece, Stephanie’s boyfriend, is entering the house tonight.

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