Barmaid Claims She Spent Night with Sam Reece


We’ve all been left feeling sorry for male model Sam Reece, after we’ve watched Stephanie Davis continuously flirt with Jeremy McConnell…

But it seems Sam Reece might not be as innocent as he might seem.

A barmaid has insisted she spent a night with Sam in Magaluf whilst he was with Stephanie, and said: ‘He’s not as innocent as everyone thinks.’

Georgia Thomason, 20, claims she met Sam in Magaluf whilst she was working a holiday season. She says Sam only told her the NEXT DAY that he was seeing the former Hollyoaks actress, Stephanie.

Sam with Georgia

Georgia decided to speak out, and said: ‘It wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be.’

However, Sam has denied the allegations.

Georgia says she finished work at around about 2am and headed to Magaluf’s hotspot The Project.

She said:

When we walked in, Sam and his friends were sitting in the VIP area. Me and my friends were just standing at the bar next to VIP.

Georgia said Sam’s friends spotted her and her group and approached them and brought them over. Georgia recognised Sam almost immediately, after he appeared of First Dates. She knew he was rumoured to be dating Stephanie at the time.

I’d seen it on Instagram, but when he asked if I had a boyfriend, and I said no, I said: ‘Why are you asking? I thought you had a girlfriend? He said ‘no, not tonight’.

She says he soon asked her if he could walk her home, and she left with Sam and a few of her friends.

The pair got matching bracelets together.

He was just joking around the whole time. We walked along the beach, all four of us, before walking back to my apartment.



She says Sam didn’t kiss her until they got inside her apartment, and insists Sam made all the moves.

It was all him. Really. I was quite shocked, but at the same time I was like, ‘I really fancy him’.It began on the sofa when all four of us were sitting together. And when we started kissing, the other two left and went to their room. It wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be.

Georgia then went on to say the next Sam was quick to forget about her.

When he was getting dressed to leave, he said ‘I’ll see you around’, and said ‘please don’t tweet about it because obviously you know I’ve got a girlfriend’. I was like ‘oh, OK’.

Georgia photographed Sam in her apartment the next morning.


I was just kind of like ‘whatever’, I didn’t imagine I’d see him again anyway.

The pair did see each other again, however, but only briefly said ‘hi’ and moved on.

Georgia decided to speak out after seeing Stephanie receive backlash for her relationship with Jeremy McConnell.

Obviously in recent articles, it’s being portrayed as if he’s the victim… But obviously I know that he’s done this. He’s not as innocent as everyone thinks.

And Georgia thinks Stephanie should leave Sam and pursue things with Jeremy.

I think she should pursue things with Jeremy.

She then went on to imply that she thinks Sam is enjoying playing the victim, and the attention he has received since Stephanie met Jeremy.

I don’t really feel angry, I just think it’s bad of him to be soaking all this up, tweeting his thanks for all the love and support, when he’s done something worse. I had him kind of on a pedestal before I met him and he didn’t really live up to my expectations.

What do you make of these allegations?

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