Last night, viewers of Big Brother saw Jeremy McConnell seemingly realise that he was being taken for a fool with Stephanie Davis…

It came after Gemma Collins realised that Sam Reece was Stephanie’s boyfriend, and said she should marry him.

The housemates speculated that Sam would enter the house, and when Gemma realised which Sam Stephanie was talking about, she said: ‘Is Sam your boyfriend? He’s fit!’

Gemma had previously met Sam on a night out in Sugar Hut in Essex. Gemma went on to say: ‘You should definitely marry him!’

Stephanie replied ‘I’m going to!’

The conversation was all in front of Jeremy, who turned to Scotty T and Megan to ask their advise.

Megan replied: ‘Jeremy, I’m not going to lie, as soon as you’re out of this house she is going to drop you like a sack of shit.’


When Jeremy went to the Diary Room, Stephanie waited outside for him, seemingly realising that she had upset him.

When Jeremy came out, he asked her ‘What are you doing?’

Stephanie feared Jeremy had left, and complained about the housemates stirring stuff up between them, to which Jeremy replied: ‘It’s not them Steph, it’s you.’

Stephanie asked Jeremy for a hug, but Jeremy refused, and told Stephanie he wanted her to leave him alone.

Could their romance be over with already?

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