Jeremy Clarkson has spoken out about transgender people, saying they are having their minds poisoned by their parents at a young age…

He also said that men who wanted to be woman should be simply known as ‘ladyboys’.

In his column in The Sunday Times, Jeremy wrote:

As far as I was concerned, men who want to be women were only really to be found on the internet or in the seedier bits of Bangkok. They were called ladyboys, and in my mind they were nothing more than the punchline in a stag night anecdote.

It came after Jeremy heard of a three year old boy, who demanded to be dressed like a girl, claimed he was a girl and wanted to be sent to a girls school. He believed the parents ‘indulged’ this behaviour.

And he claims a child claiming to be the opposite sex is no different to a child wanting to be a superhero, and believes parents should just ignore it.

When I was five I wanted to be Alan Whicker, but my parents didn’t buy me a blazer and send me to hospital to have my adenoids sewn up.

What do you make of these claims?

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