Stephanie Davis’ Argument with Jeremy McConnell Caught On Tape

Listen above to an explosive row between Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell…

Since leaving the house, people can’t get enough of Stephanie and Jeremy. Will they last? Will Jeremy remain faithful? What will happen to Sam?

The pair were spotted on the night of the Big Brother final together, looking happy in a McDonalds in London.

But now an explosive argument has been captured on tape, which hears Stephanie claim Jeremy is leaving her.

The audio was recorded after Jeremy and Steph argued in a hotel corridor, waking up other guests at the hotel.

Megan McKenna, who was also in the house with the couple, is heard at the end of the tape trying to stop the argument.

The hotel guest who recorded the argument said:

I was in the village hotel on 6th Feb staying here for a work conference. I was woken up at 2am in the morning to Stephanie screaming down the corridor due to her and Jeremy having an altercation. Jeremy was staying directly opposite my room. I was looking through the hole is the door and saw it was Jeremy and Steph.

The argument comes after Jeremy was accused of cheating on Stephanie with a dancer after appearing at a club.

Do you think the pair will last?

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