According to many, it’s about time leo Dicaprio won an Oscar…

The internet has been alive with tiresome memes of Leo Dicaprio running for an Oscar, being upset over an Oscar, thinking about an Oscar, etc.

Whilst the joke wasn’t funny to begin with, it has become one of the most notable meme that people share around thinking they’re hilariously funny.

But last night, Leo finally did win his first ever Oscar, after years in the industry.

After starring in the film The Revenant, many people were quick to say this was ‘Leo’s year’, and that it was about time he was an awarded an Oscar. In amongst the ‘race row’ the Oscar’s faced, the unfunny Leo memes duplicated.

Leo has previously been up for an Oscar before, but had left empty handed. In 2013, he was nominated for The Wolf of Wall Street.

Leo used his speech to talk about climate change and the planet. Here at The Hipster Bible, we wonder how long he’s had that speech prepared…


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