See anything wrong with this picture?

Besides Jonathan wearing a ghastly top with his own face on it, there doesn’t seem to be anything a miss, does there?

It’s just Kim and her BFF filming for their reality TV series, after going shopping together.


The girl you see in the photo is NOT Kim Kardashian. Instead, she is Kami Osman, a girl who looks so much like Kim Kardashian we’re wondering if maybe half of the Kim things we’ve seen are actually her!

Maybe the cameraman can’t even tell the difference, as he films the back of ‘Kims’ head, seemingly unaware.

Whilst many people have believed this to be Kim using a body double – because that’s necessary and how the rich live – it is more than likely that she has been used as a decoy for the paparazzi.


If Kami was being used as a body double, she would be wearing the exact same outfit as Kim. However, Kim was seen leaving the shopping centre a couple of minutes after Jonathan and Kami, wearing completely different clothing.


Kim, over to you. We want answers.

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