Big Brother to feature SECOND House


For the first time in history, Big Brother will have two houses – and the housemates are completely oblivious!

You may be asking ‘how are they oblivious when this has been confirmed a week before launch date’? Well, idiots, these housemates have now gone into hiding with no internet access! Stop trying to make a conspiracy!

Emma Willis has said that these people, ‘The Others’, in the second house, will be competing for a place in the main house – so could this mean that regular housemates might not be as safe as they had hoped?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

But in amongst all the new house excitement, the design for this years main house has been revealed.

As always, the new design for each house is always extreme – colourful and patterned.


The bathroom seems to be overgrowing with the outside weeds, giving the room an earthy feel. It’s a change from the rather plush and bright living area.


And of course, no house would be complete without stylish sun loungers, a place to sunbathe and a pool!

The series begins on Tuesday 7th June at 9PM.

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