Written by Jack Strange, @JackSamStrange

There is no argument – what has happened in Orlando is an absolute heartbreaking incident…

A gunman, spurned on by anger, opened fire on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, killing 50 people, the highest mass shooting America has ever seen. 

America really need to reconsider their gun laws. A day after Christina Grimmie was shot, in Orlando, this happens. All because a gun can easily fall into the hands of someone unhinged. It can easily fall into the hands of someone who thinks a man kissing another man is enough  to kill anyone else who loves the same sex. 


It’s easy to say, in any other circumstance, that gay clubs are where the slags go. I’ve seen many gay men say that gay clubs need to be avoided, because it’s a place where ‘gays shamelessly whore about’. Maybe that’s true, but the same can be said for straight clubs. 

What we forget, but what we now remember in this disgusting situation, is that gay clubs are there for a reason – because unfortunately there are people out there who don’t approve of men who love men, women who love women and people who are born into the wrong bodies. 
When I was younger, I went to a gay club, named under the same name. I enjoyed going there because it played good music, but the atmosphere was great. I felt comfortable there. If I wanted to kiss someone I could. If I wanted to dance shamelessly, without being judged, I could. 

And that’s what Pulse in Orlando was for these people who fell victim to a hate crime last night. These people lost their lives because of celebrating who they were. 

A gay club is needed because people feel comfortable. They feel safe. They embrace who they are, because they can. It’s a comfortable place to be. A gay club should be a sanctuary, but unfortunately this was not the case. 

To be attacked for who you are is horrid. These people cannot control who they love. Love is love. It needs to be accepted. This wasn’t a true religion. This wasn’t acceptable. It’s hatred, pure and simple. 

The people murdered last night were put to enjoy themselves. They were out to be with friends, be themselves, and share memories with people who felt the same. They were young, they were human. And they lost their lives at the hand of a man who had easy access to a weapon that was designed to kill. 

America, it is time to reconsider. This cannot keep happening. 

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